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Rachel Starr Thomson & Heather Burcham, 22

In the last few years, I have taken on a lot of financial responsibility. With a bad economy and increasing expenses, I am constantly trying to balance earning, saving, spending, and investing money.

Discover what Jesus said about money in Luke 12:22–34.

As important as my financial burdens seem, I try not to take them too seriously. Focusing on money makes my world small and blocks out what really matters. Yes, I must make money; but I’m learning that it must not rule my soul.

Several times a week, I give my financial burden to God. I spend time in prayer, thanking God for providing for me and asking for God’s wisdom in my work. Sometimes, I stop working and simply enjoy life. Looking at the flowers or gazing at the stars reminds me that money isn’t everything. The bigger my vision of life and of my purpose in it, the lighter my financial burden feels.

—Rachel Starr Thomson


COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS: I feel a lot richer when I look at the ways God has blessed me than when I focus on my bank account. Even when I worry about how to make ends meet, God is with me and provides for me. Most of all, God has surrounded me with loving, supportive friends and family members who care for me. When you are struggling financially, count your blessings. Pray that God will provide for your needs, and remember that what is most important in life are not the things we can acquire but the people we love.

—Heather Burcham, 22

—from devozine (July/August 2013). Copyright © 2013 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.
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