Spiritual Practice


Ciona D. Rouse

Thank You, God, for having a plan far greater
than anything we can imagine.
You bring down walls of injustice that we build.
You loosen chains of addiction with
which we shackle ourselves.
You turn our setbacks into comebacks.
For that, we are grateful.
Even as we trust in your will, Lord,
we confess that we cannot always make sense
of diseases that burden us;
we can’t make sense of extreme wealth
while people die in poverty;
we don’t always know why bad things
happen to those we love.
We confess that it is not always well with our souls.
Sometimes the yoke feels too heavy to bear.
But we believe in resurrection, Lord.
We see it with every flower that breaks through
a wintered ground
and with every rainbow that greets us in a storm.
We have experienced resurrection through your Son’s powerful story.
Heal us; heal this world, we pray.
Heal us within your powerful will. Amen.

—from Like Breath and Water: Praying with Africa by Ciona D. Rouse, All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

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