Spiritual Practice


Kathleen Yoannon, 21

God exists. I don’t get how God can be all-knowing, always present, and all-powerful; but I chalk it up to God’s being wrapped up in spirit and glory, looking like the wind and everything holy.

God is and always will be. I find comfort in knowing that God is constant while I am anything but. God is patient with me and is forever-flowing grace. God makes me want to be a better person. God sees my heart and understands who I really am.

When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and stars that you have established; what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?
Psalm 8:3–4 (NRSV)

God made the universe and human beings because God wanted to be in relationship with us. I believe God is kind but not easily hurt.

Jesus died a sinner’s death on the cross. He absorbed all our punishment so that we can truly live—free to have fun, to use our gifts, to follow the Ten Commandments, to fulfill our God-given potential.

God made us. We can reach God’s expectations for us because God gives us only what we can handle, nothing more or less.

Through the Holy Spirit, God will lead us; but we must choose to follow.


PRAISE THE LORD: God wants us to praise the Lord with our whole hearts, in spirit and in truth. (No faking with God!) Pray Psalm 100.

Kathleen Yoannon, 21 , is from Los Angeles, California.

—from devozine (January/February 2012). Copyright © 2011 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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