Spiritual Practice

Imitate God

Wesley Overhults

We are taught that God values all human life and we must do the same. But what about the people who don’t value human life, who are only interested in themselves and will step on whomever they choose and take whatever they want for their own benefit? How should we treat these people?

God holds all human life sacred, even those people who abuse others. As Christians, we try to imitate God. In fighting against the dehumanizing treatment of people, we must be careful not to become abusive. Even though we oppose people who dehumanize others, we must do it with compassion and love, reminding them of the sacredness of life.

This week of Lent, how will you pray for and respond to people in your community or around the world who bully, abuse, mistreat, or disrespect people whom God loves?

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