Spiritual Practice


Richard Lawton

Dear God, you already know what I am thinking; but writing in your presence may help me to sort out my own thoughts.

In Indonesia, several Australians were convicted of smuggling drugs. After ten years in prison, they all had reformed and were actively helping others. One of them was training to be a pastor. Yet the authorities executed them, saying their deaths would deter others. How can people do this to one another?

In the Middle East, innocent people are having their heads lopped off, supposedly in your name. The offense of some of them is simply that they are Christians. How can people kill in your name?

The Lord saw how great the wickedness of the human race had become on the earth.
Genesis 6:5a (NIV)

Today an earthquake, tomorrow a raging fire, yesterday a hurricane—all wreaking tragic devastation. How can your natural world harm your people?

I know that the world is the best possible world; after all, you made it. I know that you have given people free choice. Still, I have lots of questions. Maybe one day, I’ll know the answers. Until then, I’ll keep my eyes on Jesus, for surely there can be no better way to know your will. But I’m pretty confused. Can you help just a smidgen?


ASK: Consider the evil in the world. Why do people harm one another? Why do events in the natural world devastate the human community? Ask God the questions that concern you.

—from devozine (November/December 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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