Spiritual Practice

Midsummer: Take Stock of the Year

Karin Fishbook

In 2014, June 20th is known as midsummer night or midsummer’s eve. History and folklore surround this evening as a time of rituals, fairies, and fires. This date also marks the halfway point in the year, a time to look back and to reflect.

This midsummer night, invite a close friend or two to go outside with you to a special spot. Take a candle, matches, lemonade, and some treats. Light the candle (if parents and fire codes permit) to represent the Light of Christ.

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Then ask one another these questions:

+ In the last six months, for what are you most grateful? For what are you least grateful?

+ What has been the high point of the year so far? What has been the low point?

+ What are your dreams and desires for the next six months? What are God’s dreams for you in the second half of this year?


Listen to yourself and to one another. Embrace your experiences and celebrate your dreams, giving thanks for all that has been and asking God’s guidance through what is to come. Then feast on the snacks, and enjoy your time together.

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