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“Do you want to go to Australia?” wasn’t the question I expected my Dad to ask; but he meant it. Soon I was joining an international organization that would train me to teach and preach the gospel in Perth, Australia.

Many of my friends have come back from a mission trip with stories about how wonderful and life-changing an experience it was. My trip to Australia was pretty terrible. The people on my team could not get along, and our leaders did not make us feel united. We tried to preach from the heart but left feeling unsuccessful.

“Peace, peace, to those far and near,” says the Lord.
Isaiah 57:19b (NIV)

Nonetheless, I learned something I needed to know. I went around the world and found out that overseas missions were not for me. Not all of us are called to go to the far corners of the globe. My mission field will be in my own backyard.

—Todd Naevestad, 24


ACT ON IT: We can serve God in many ways right in our own community. We can help with Sunday school or participate in outreach programs. We can visit someone who is homebound, babysit for a special needs child, or shovel snow for an elderly neighbor. I adopted a woman from our church who had cancer. I prayed for her daily and sent her weekly cards of encouragement. Everything we do to serve others in the name of God is a mission of love.

—Sue Carloni

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