Spiritual Practice

Praying the Scriptures

In today’s devo, we are challenged to seek God by prayerfully reading scripture. Are you ready to take the challenge? Try one or more of these ways to practice praying the scriptures:

1.   Lectio Divina — a popular prayer practice with young people and youth groups
       > Try lectio divina on your own or with a group
       > Let Audio Lectio guide you through this practice online

2.   Experience one of these Prayer Methods that incorporate scripture:
       > The Ignatian Method — use your imagination to enter into the Bible story
       > Praying the Psalms — let these prayers and songs from the Bible help you to be honest with God
       > Personalizing Scripture — make a personal prayer by placing your name in a passage of scripture

3.   Use Prayers from the Bible to pray for others using Bible passages.

4.   Pray the Ecumenical Version of The Lord’s Prayer to explore more deeply this biblical prayer.

5.   Use Body Movement to pray along with the video “The Lord’s Prayer Made Physical.”

6.   Practice Guided Meditation — Use the gift of imagination to apply scripture to your life.
       > Guided Imagery Meditation on Matthew 5:14–16
       > Opening to Transformation
       > Meditation for Distress, Disease, or Pain

7.   Listen for what God is saying to you through a scripture passage.

8.   Use a Finger Labyrinth to pray the scriptures.

9.   Try Coloring Mandalas to help you reflect on scripture.

10. Pray the Liturgy of the Hours to give all your daily activities to God.

11. Take a Personal Retreat and spend time in prayer and reflecting on scripture.

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