Spiritual Practice


Theron St. John, 23

I have learned many valuable lessons from my parents. None is dearer to me than their view of simplicity. Living in a country where “More! More! More!” seems to be the slogan and acquiring material possessions is the goal, I have learned from my parents that material possessions cannot give us true satisfaction, but knowing Christ can. My parents have taught me that my relationship with God comes before everything else. I can live simply because my hope is not in material wealth. My hope is in Christ, for “nothing is as wonderful as knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. I have given up everything else.” (Philippians 3:8a, CEV).

Learning to live simply has helped to shape me into the young man I am. Because of my parents’ influence, I see how the gospel affects every area of my life: how I use my money, how I deal with relationships, how I go about looking for friendship. Because of my parents’ wisdom and teaching, my first priority is to seek the kingdom of God. I will always cherish my parents’ example of simplicity and faith.


Explore faith and simplicity in Philippians 3:7–8.

ACT ON IT: What does your way of life say about what’s important to you? Find ways to put Jesus first.


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