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Stuff To Do During Lent

Anne Crumpler

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LENT is a time to repent, to turn away from sin and to turn toward the new life given in Christ Jesus. It is a time to give up whatever gets in the way of our relationship with God and to give more of ourselves as we express the love of God to neighbors.

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6  ASH WEDNESDAY  Do some research on the season of Lent. Attend an Ash Wednesday service.

7  Put a bowl on the kitchen table. Ask your family to drop their extra pocket change in the bowl each day from now until Easter.

8  On Fridays during Lent, try fasting for at least one meal to remind you of Christ’s sacrifice.

9  Find a quiet place to rest and read Psalm 51:1–17 as a prayer of confession.

10  Sundays during Lent are known as “little Easters.” Go to church. Celebrate with a picnic.

11  Spend some time alone. Be aware of God’s presence.

12  On your way to school, sing a favorite song or hymn about new life in Christ.

13  Read Isaiah 53:3–12. What does it mean to you that Jesus suffered for our sins?

14  Draw on the sidewalk chalk pictures or words that remind you of Jesus’ life and death.

15  Fast today—or choose to give up caffeine, including chocolate.

16  Take care of children for a single parent who needs some time alone.

17  Go to church. Invite someone who needs a friend to go shopping or to a movie.

18  Pray: “God, keep me close to you. Teach me your ways through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

19  Plant flowers in honor or memory of someone you love.

20  Do chores to raise money to buy a flock of baby chicks from the Heifer Project for a needy family.

21  Read. Frederick Buechner’s books and Mark Jarman’s poems make good lenten reading.

22  Fast today—or give up TV.

23  Talk with family or friends about what it means to repent or to return to God.

24  Go to church. Begin the process of making cascarones by blowing the yolks and whites out of twelve eggs. Invite friends over to enjoy an omelet and to decorate the eggs.

25  Read Romans 5:6–19. Spend some time reflecting on God’s awesome gift in Jesus Christ.

26  Write a statement of faith. What do you believe about Jesus?

27  Take a walk. Spend some time alone with God.

28  Pray Psalm 32:1–11. Ask God to direct your life.

29  Fast today—or give up fast-food.

30  Collect canned goods, and deliver them to a food bank.

31  Go to church. Go caroling for Lent. Sing hymns and songs about faith and repentance.


1  Research local and national charities that might be the recipients of your pocket change. Choose one.

2  Pray: “God, let us live new life, free of sin, through Christ Jesus. Amen.”

3  Talk with friends or family about the meaning of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

4  Read 2 Corinthians 5:20–6:13. Let go of all that keeps your heart from opening wide to God.

5  Fast today—or give up sweets.

6  Weed your neighbor’s garden.

Go to church. Invite friends to make bread or hot cross buns.

8  Read Romans 6:5–11. What does it mean to you to die with Christ? to be alive to God?

 To complete your cascarones, fill with confetti the eggs you decorated earlier. Glue tissue paper over the hole.

10  Pray the Lord’s Prayer slowly, reflecting on each line. How could praying this prayer seriously and regularly change your life?

11  Journal about what it means for you to be united with Christ.

12  Fast today—or give up time you would spend on the computer or on video games.

13  Make a cross out of wood. Paint the cross or cover it with pictures.

14  PALM SUNDAY  Go to church. Wave palm branches and shout, “Hosanna!”

15  Count your pocket change. Give it to the charity you have selected.

16  Visit someone in a hospital, nursing home, or prison.

17  Imagine walking with Jesus. Hear him teach. See him heal. Listen to him say, “The Son of Man must suffer and die.”

18  MAUNDY THURSDAY  Attend a communion service. Reflect on Jesus’ words: “This is my body given for you; this is my blood of the new covenant.”

19  GOOD FRIDAY  Go to a Good Friday service. Or spend time in silence from noon to 3 p.m. Light a candle. Read Mark 14:32–15:47 or Luke 22:39–23:56.

20  HOLY SATURDAY  Wait. Be in silence. Pray: “Merciful God, in life and in death, we belong to you, through Jesus Christ. Amen.”

21  EASTER DAY  Celebrate! Shout, “Christ is risen!” Bop someone over the head with a confetti egg and say, “Live the new life in Christ!”



PRAY: God, help us to observe the days of Lent so that we are ready to celebrate new life in Jesus Christ. Amen.


Download this list as a printable PDF.


—from Devo’Zine (January/February 2005). Copyright © 2004 by The Upper Room. All rights reserved.

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