Spiritual Practice


Richard Lawton & Alyssa Rivera, 22

“What is God’s kingdom like? What story can I use to explain it?” —Mark 4:30 (CEV)

The kingdom of God is like . . .


  • a community raising money to bring refugees into a stable country, teaching them a new language and valuing their friendship;
  • someone who forgives after being hurt by the words or actions of another;
  • a woman rushing to help another who has fallen;
  • a teenager spending time with another who is lonely or friendless;
  • people visiting the sick or imprisoned;
  • a child being kind to others;
  • people filled with joy because God lives among them, regardless of their circumstances;
  • nations living in peace;
  • a man being patient even when things go wrong or when other people are hard to get along with;
  • a woman giving to those in need regardless of the cost;
  • a community praising God with words and deeds;
  • a man who dies rather than betraying his faith;
  • miners breathing fresh air after being trapped in a coal mine;
  • farmers standing in the rain after a long drought;
  • someone who can see again after being blind.

—Richard Lawton


THINK ABOUT IT: God is love, right? So wherever love is, God is. And wherever God is, so is God’s kingdom. God’s kingdom is right here, right now, no matter what we do. I believe that with all my heart.

—Alyssa Pauline Rivera, 22

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