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David McCoy, 16

In 2015, I will graduate from high school. While that is a huge milestone for my life, the United Nations has a bigger one. By 2015, the U. N.’s Millennial Development Goals plan to cut extreme poverty and hunger by half, to reduce child and maternal mortality by at least two- thirds, to promote gender equality, and to ensure environmental sustainability—an ambitious set of goals to meet in two years!

There will, however, be no one in need among you . . . if only you will obey the Lord your God by diligently observing this entire commandment that I command you today.
Deuteronomy 15:4–5 (NRSV)

Actually, the goals were established in 2000, so people have been working toward these goals for 13 years. The goal to reduce poverty has been successfully met in some countries but not in others. In China, poverty has been cut in half; but in many African nations, the goal to cut extreme poverty is far from being achieved. Therefore, a new program, the Millennium Villages Project, has been created to develop rural and poor areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

We too can play a role in breaking the cycle of poverty both globally and locally. As members of the Millennial Generation, let’s get involved.

WAYS TO HELP: On the global level, go to or to discover how you can help people around the world to have clean water, sanitation, housing, and food. On the local level, work through your church to help the poor in your community, or volunteer at your neighborhood help center or homeless shelter.

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