Spiritual Practice


Amy Davidson

My parents fought constantly. If they were at home together, they were screaming at each other. My dad eventually took a second-shift job so that he would be at work when my mom was at home. I missed my dad, even though the peace was nice. Still, the weekends were stormy.

Two plum trees grew up behind my house. On Saturdays, when the fighting became too much, I crawled beneath their limbs to have tea and pleasant conversations with imaginary friends. I practiced talking and listening to them the way I saw people communicating on television. My favorite shows were those in which the mom and dad talked to each other and talked with and listened to their children.

Now, as I read Psalm 139:7–10, I believe God knew, when those trees were planted, that a little girl would one day lose herself beneath their limbs and create the imaginary world of kindness and love she so desperately needed.

I also see that God was with me all along.


GOD IS WITH US: Because our parents have their own issues to deal with, they can’t always be there for us; but God, our heavenly parent, is right beside us and knows when we are hurting.

Pray: God, when I feel as if no one is there for me, remind me that you are with me and that you understand what I’m going through. Amen.

—from devozine (May/June 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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