Spiritual Practice

Try a Soaking Prayer

Kara Oliver

Soaking prayer is a time to soak in the love and peace of God as you would soak in the sun of summer.

Find a place in your room or home where you can lie flat on the floor. Close your eyes and imagine yourself lying on a beach or by the pool, floating in a pool or out in the ocean, even lying on a warm sidewalk.

Once you are still and settled, imagine a clear sky, sunshine, and the warmth of the sun reaching out to you. Feel the sun on your face, the warmth on your arms and legs. Let the warmth soak in.

After a few minutes, imagine that the light and warmth are the love of God, which is consistent, comfortable, and warm. The warmth is relaxing, but it also gives you energy and strength.

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After several minutes, close your soaking prayer with Psalm 36:9–10 (CEB):
       “Within you is the spring of life.
       In your light, we see light.
       Extend your faithful love
       to those who know you;
       extend your righteousness
       to those whose heart is right.

If you enjoyed this prayer experience, continue to practice soaking prayers using ideas adapted from Feed My Shepherds: Spiritual Healing and Renewal for Those in Christian Leadership by Flora Slosson Wuellner. Copyright © 1998 by the author. Used with permission of Upper Room Books.

—from devozine In the Habit (May/June 2014). Copyright © 2014 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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