Spiritual Practice

Under the Surface

Kendall Cohagan, 14

As a middle school student, I dealt with many different types of people. I thought the people in the popular crowd were the snobbiest in our school, especially one girl. Every time I saw her, she turned up her nose and walked away; and I usually returned her snotty attitude. Then one morning, I ended up talking to her. She was actually a pretty nice person, and we got along fairly well. I found out that I didn’t have to be best friends with her, but I could be nice.

You are looking at the outward appearance of things.
2 Corinthians 10:7a (GNT)

Life is full of people we don’t like. Most of the time, we don’t know much about them or their story. We need to be willing to give them a chance. Jesus talked to people whom others thought were not up to his standards. By giving them a chance, he was able to bring them closer to God. That’s what happens when we stop judging people and let them into our lives.


SET AN EXAMPLE: Every school has popular kids. Are you one of them? If so, how can you break the stereotype and show your peers that you really care about them? If not, how will you model Christ’s love and respect for everyone (popular kids included)? Whether in or out, let your heart and not your appearance define who you are.

—from devozine (January/February 2012). Copyright © 2011 by The Upper Room. All rights reserved.
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