Spiritual Practice

What Can I Say?

Today’s devo deals with the difficulty of knowing what to say when a friend is grieving, especially if the person they have lost committed suicide. When her best friend’s brother killed himself, Kimberly worried about saying the wrong thing and making her friend feel worse. Then her mother said, “The only way to say the wrong thing is to say nothing.”

teen comforting friend Ftr TSP 114333866When Kimberly called, she let Pam talk a bit; then she asked what Pam’s favorite memory of her brother was. Once Pam answered, Kimberly added one of her own. They shared many good memories and laughed and cried together.

Sharing memories is a good way to be with someone who is hurting and to allow them to work through their grief rather than avoiding the pain.

In what ways have you been able to be present — in word or deed — with a friend who is grieving?

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