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Rachel Spoelman, Donwayne Cogay & Zack Baldwin

Creeds are statements of faith that sum up what we believe. Creeds such as the The Nicene Creed and The Apostles’ Creed have been recited by Christians since the early days of the church. Saying a creed reminds us of our beliefs and that we are people of faith.

Several devozine writers have composed their own statements of faith. Maybe these modern-day creeds will inspire you to write down what you believe.

Rachel’s Creed

I believe . . .

Jesus Christ died to save me.
He lives today.
I serve an almighty God who is also a Father who loves me.
God is my refuge and strength.
God gives me courage to do what I could never do alone.
God has a plan and a purpose for my life.
devozine Lectio Divina TS 97648012God’s way is always the best way.
God hears and answers my prayers
God is my friend when I have no other friends.
God has given me the Holy Spirit as my Comforter.
All scripture is the word of God.
All of God’s promises are true.
All things are possible in Christ.
God’s will is that no one should perish.
Jesus is coming back someday.

—Rachel Spoelman

DonWayne’s Creed

  • I believe in God Almighty, creator of heaven and earth; in Jesus Christ, 
my Savior and my best friend; and in the Holy Spirit.
  • I believe that God has blessed me in part. To make God’s blessings whole, 
I must share them.
  • I believe that I am not created complete; others complement what I lack—
and vice versa.
  • I believe that no matter how stained my life is, God accepts and loves me.
  • I believe that both the good and the bad I experience are part of my walk 
toward God’s kingdom.
  • I believe that God has created me to work in Christ’s vineyard and supplies 
my every need.

—Donwayne Cogay

Zach’s Creed

  • I believe in a life that has no boundaries on happiness and a future that fits snugly into God’s hands.
  • Body Prayer FTR TSP 149451254I believe that when it rains, we should lift our heads, open our mouths, and drink in life.
  • I believe we should delete from our vocabularies the words “I give up,” “I can’t move on,” and “That’s just life,” and replace them with “I can do this no matter what,” “Today is an awesome day,” and “My life is perfect!”
  • I believe we should see our jobs and our chores as hobbies and passions.
  • I believe that love is the most precious part of our lives.
  • I believe that because I am called and protected by God, I will have a completely blessed and revolutionary life!

—Zack Baldwin



Writing a creed, a statement of faith, will help you sort out what you believe. Begin by reading some historic creeds of the Christian church (check your church’s hymnal or prayer book, or go to Historic Church Documents).

Next, reflect on what gives your life meaning and what guides your decision-making. What do you believe about God? Jesus Christ? the Holy Spirit? human nature? the world? the future? Then start writing, “I believe . . .” Consider posting your creed in a place where you will see it every day.


Some of the earliest creeds are found in the Bible:

Others appear as short confessions of faith within a conversation:

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