Spiritual Practice

Who Walks with Me?

Michele Minehart

When we talk about dating, we often say, “I’m looking for the one who will complete me” or for “my other half.” Do we see ourselves as a shoe, hunting around in the closet for a match? Do we think we can’t be worn or put to use until we find our mate? The truth is we are ready to be worn, with God as our match. When we’re dating, we find another pair of shoes to accompany us and God on the journey.

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But a dating relationship can present new challenges. Ask yourself: Does the person I’m dating wear shoes that go places I want to go? Does he or she walk toward God? If you’re not dating anyone, consider what kind of shoes you want walking with you.

—from devozine (September/October 2014). Copyright © 2014 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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