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Todd Naevestad

I wish I were more fit. I wish I had the drive to be active and to work out. On my own, I find it easier to be lazy. But for a few months, I managed to stay on top of my workout schedule. I went to the gym consistently and trained hard, thanks to my workout buddies.

A rope made from three strands of cord is hard to break.
Ecclesiastes 4:12b (CEV)

These two guys regularly worked out at the gym, played sports, and went running. They invited me to join them two or three times a week, and I took them up on their offer. As we worked out, I lagged behind. They were stronger and more fit than I was. Yet, when I grew tired, they pushed me to keep going; and I discovered that, with their encouragement, I was able to go a little farther.

We need buddies like these in our spiritual lives too. When we feel tired and empty, as if we don’t have what it takes to live for God, they pick us up and encourage us to try a little harder. If we surround ourselves with friends who want to see us succeed, we can find the strength to do amazing things.


ACT ON IT: Invite a couple friends to become workout buddies as together you seek to be more fit physically and spiritually. Discover the power of encouragement and accountability.

—from devozine (May/June 2015). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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