Spiritual Practice


Emily Doll and Heather Mead

If I had a burning, haunting secret
and I told you,
would you keep it?
Would you hold on to it inside your clenched fist,
tuck it away deep inside your heart,
think about it only in the most guarded parts of your mind?
How far would you go
to keep it untold?
Can I trust you with my secret?
I want to,
I want to,
I want to,
but I’m scared.
I think you might love me too much
to keep silent.

—Emily Doll, 22


“Therefore I will not keep silent; I will speak out in the anguish of my spirit.”
Job 7:11a (NIV)

REFLECT: My best friend told me a secret: She wanted to end her life. She didn’t want me to tell anyone; and I didn’t want her to be angry with me, but I didn’t want her to die. After pleading with her to change her mind, I asked again how she would feel if I told someone. She didn’t want me to tell, but she loved me and understood if I felt I must. I told a teacher we both admired and loved, and my friend got the help she needed. Fortunately, she hadn’t planned to end her life immediately; but that isn’t true for everyone. Sometimes, loving someone means telling secrets.

—Heather Mead, 22

—from devozine (September/October 2013). Copyright © 2013 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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