Spiritual Practice


Emily, Morgan, Jessica, and Hope

When has the beauty of creation taken your breath away? Our God didn’t have to make the world such a beautiful place. God chose to create amazing things for us to enjoy and to display his glory in all of creation. Thank you, God, for all you have made!

—Emily Acker



In the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am surrounded by God’s grandeur. The mountains are my refuge. If classes are getting me down, I go out and watch the sunset. If I need to burn off extra energy, I go for a walk and connect to the world around me. If I need something more powerful than a sermon, I hike to an absolutely terrifying elevation and meditate with God. The higher I am on the mountain, the closer  I feel to God. What part of God’s world inspires you?

—Morgan Brewster, 19



During a heavy snowfall last winter, I had to spend the night at my workplace. The next morning after the roads were clear, I headed home only to find my street still closed. The required several-mile detour was the last thing I wanted to experience at that moment. But as I drove past historic homes and country farms that I rarely see, I noticed how the fresh snow decorated them beautifully. What started out as a frustrating experience turned into appreciation for God’s handiwork—an unexpected moment of joy.

—Jessica Lippe



Sunbeams ascend,
clouds blaze orange as the sun sets,
Orion and the Hallelujah Chorus,
a friend’s embrace, a couple’s “I do,”
a child’s face saying, “I love you.”
Feeling inspired, chills running up and down my spine,
I’m lifted high, seeing with mountaintop’s sight,
breathless with awe at all life means,
seeing through tears why I believe.
Music I hear sounds like the heartbeat of God.
Heaven rips open; I dance and sing along.
Notice the new words I speak.
Notice how each day I live life so deep.
I feel power that grips me and launches me out,
so energized, can’t walk—must run and shout.
Alive with the freshness after springtime rain,
aching to begin—it’s like New Year’s today!
Feeling the call to go and be all I can be,
something propels me, sparks me, moves me,
burns inside of me: the wind that calls me to care,
the fire that drives me to dare.
Sunbeams ascend . . .
Let it be so. Amen.

—Hope Harle-Mould

—from devozine (March/April 2018). Copyright © 2018 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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