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13 or Under?

Don’t take it personally that we can’t receive your devo online. devozine® is committed to protecting your privacy. We are required by law to protect your online privacy, so we can’t get personal information from you without your parents’ permission. If you like, read the whole boring privacy policy.

But we do want you to write for us, so please send us your devo the old-fashioned way—by mail. If you’d like to know more about how to write for devozine®, check out our writers’ guidelines.

Prayer Guidelines

We invite you to post your prayer requests so that the devozine community may join with you in prayer. We also invite you to offer short responses to the prayer requests that have been posted.

You may post a brief prayer request of 300 characters or less. Please use only the first name or initials of anyone you mention. Do not give last names or other identifying information. (If you do, we may edit for privacy.) Remember, God knows the details!

If you respond to someone else’s request, please offer your response in the form of a prayer. (No advice please!) And please be brief—300 characters or less. Thank you for joining us in praying for each other as a community of faith.

We will review your prayer request or response and post it to the Prayer Wall as soon as possible. If you need continued prayer for a specific situation, please feel free to post an updated request.

Privacy Policy

devozine® is committed to protecting your privacy.
If we post your creative work on our site, we will include your name, the title of your work, and your caption or description (if you enter one). Your email address is private and will not appear on the site. We will not release your email address to anyone. The devozine® staff may use your email address to contact you if we would like to publish your work in devozine® or if we need to follow up for any reason.

If you like, read the whole, boring privacy policy.

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