May/June 2019

Deadline: 08/01/2018

Thank you for your interest in writing for devozine! Complete theme questions/prompts will be added soon. Until then, we hope the notes below will give you an idea what direction each theme will take.

Need vs Greed—what we need vs what we want, greed vs using wealth to meet needs, fighting poverty

It Could Happen to Mefear of violence, school shootings, disasters

Great Expectations—parental expectations, effects of low vs high expectations, peer pressure

Standing With—empathy, carry one another’s burdens, advocacy, community

This Is Me—who I am, what I value, integrity, authenticity

Practice Makes Permanent—how habits and rituals shape us, we are what we repeatedly do

Open to the Spirit—being open to the breath and movement of Spirit, the gifts or fruit of the Spirit in me

With My Own Two Handsbuilding things, homes, lives, restoration

Run!running away, escaping, fight or flight vs facing what’s before you

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