Nov/Dec 2019

Deadline: 02/20/2019

Thank you for your interest in writing for devozine! Complete theme questions/prompts will be added soon. Until then, we hope the notes below will give you an idea what direction each theme will take.

Better Together—being inclusive in a divisive culture, peacemaking, bridge-building

Failure—when we are not allowed to fail, confession, consequences, learn from mistakes

Unexpected Friends—friendships that have taken you by surprise

Sh-h-h-h!—listening in silence, 2-way conversation with God (speak and listen)

Know It All—power of knowledge, arrogance, not open to learning from others

Our Amazing Bodiesour body’s capabilities, ability to adapt and to heal

(un)Certain—fear of the unknown, what are we certain of? have to see or can you believe?

Mind=blown—aha moments, faith revelations

Presents vs Presence—being there for others, giving of yourself, God coming to be with us at Christmas


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