Sep/Oct 2019

Deadline: 12/31/2018

Thank you for your interest in writing for devozine! Complete theme questions/prompts will be added soon. Until then, we hope the notes below will give you an idea what direction each theme will take.

Can I Go On?contemplating suicide, can’t see any options, accidental overdoses

Power Plays—bullying, misuse of power, using power for good, power to say NO, boundaries

Old Faithful—older friends in faith, adoptive grandparents, cloud of witnesses

Enough for Today—small ways to do daily practices, daily bread

Trustingoutlook on life, hope for the best, trust God/self/others

Off Balance—stress, priorities, self-care, find balance vs need to accomplish

Finding Community—build faith community, create online community, where I belong

#adulting—independence, acquiring life skills, entrepreneurial ventures

Alone in a Crowd—loneliness, social media isolation, need for deep relationships

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