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Dare to Be Bold

Kaci, Jennifer, Rebecca, Katy & Jessica

To have a friend you have to be a friend—and sometimes you have to be bold.

Say “Yes” to the Invitation

teen cheating on test Ftr TSP 79082594 teen cheating on test Ftr TSP 79082594

If You Feel Tempted to Cheat on a Test

Pray. Ask a friend to help you study. Weigh the risks. Read the Bible: Try Proverbs 10:9. Write…

02/17/18 at 10:58 AM

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Porn . . .

Sarah Martindell, April Oberholtzer & Aidan Gscheidle

It Distorts God’s Image in Us

Two of my friends faced a real struggle when they learned their boyfriends used porn. Both relationships ended. And they aren’t the only ones I…

02/17/18 at 09:55 AM


Katelyn Burch, 19

There comes a point in the journey
a perfect time to walk alone
I see familiar faces
far away
and I’m so far from them
Friends having so much…

02/16/18 at 11:28 AM

Everything video image Everything video image



Let this song remind you that God is with you through the storms and temptations of life, for God is “Everything.”

02/15/18 at 01:22 PM

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Hope of Forgiveness

Jennifer Speight and Shauna Potrawski

In my senior year of high school, I first felt the pull: the sense that I was missing out. My peers’ casual conversation about parties and hooking up…

02/15/18 at 07:55 AM

devozine School bus Ftr TSP 91416200 devozine School bus Ftr TSP 91416200

Prayers for Parkland, Florida

Sometimes when tragedy strikes, there are no answers. Yet as people of faith, we can trust God to be with us—and we can pray alone and together for comfort,…

02/14/18 at 07:35 PM

devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg


Elaine Creasman

Father, I don’t want to cut anymore.
But right now I’m feeling tempted.
I long to…

02/14/18 at 02:12 PM

devozine Lenten Cross devozine Lenten Cross

Letting Go for Lent

Wessel Bentley

On Ash Wednesday we cut to the core of our existence. We are not what we eat. We are not what we do. We are not what we fear…

02/14/18 at 06:08 AM

rose Ftr TSP 156462241 rose Ftr TSP 156462241

A Valentine’s Day Gift

Abigail Scott

My friend Hannah fumbled with her purse, stalling for time as she listened to the cruel words a man was saying to his date. It was Valentine’s Day,…

02/14/18 at 04:04 AM


Trey Castellanos, 19

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.”

Matthew 26:41a (NIV)

Temptation is all around us. When confronted with it, we must try to resist. I experience temptation all the time. I live in the hood, and many of the…

02/13/18 at 07:49 AM

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