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MarApr 2018

  • Lost
  • Extravagance
  • Hidden Pain
  • and more!


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Will Penner

“I guess God needed another soprano in the heavenly choir.” That’s the “comfort” a church member provided when my friend’s mom died. When another…


Turning Your Life Around

Ashton Stevenson, 18

Since I was young, I have never fit in. During fifth grade, some girls in my class started awful rumors about…

03/16/18 at 11:44 AM

Cassie Taylor Ftr Cassie Taylor Ftr

Cassie Taylor

Teen Advisory Board Member

What social issue are you passionate about?

I am passionate about fighting prejudice. I have experienced the effects of prejudice…

03/16/18 at 07:58 AM

devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg devozine Dejected-Teen-FTR-TS-89323689.jpg


Elaine Creasman

Father, I don’t want to cut anymore.
But right now I’m feeling tempted.
I long to…

03/15/18 at 03:12 PM

devozine Prayer TS 95927567 devozine Prayer TS 95927567

Post a Prayer

Take a moment today to pray for those who are struggling with pain they have hidden inside.

03/14/18 at 10:27 AM


Misty L. Butler

Deliberately, you look at me
and don’t like what you see.
You analyze and criticize
and judge how I should be.
You patronize my shape, my size—
I’m not the look you…

03/14/18 at 08:03 AM

Pi pie  by pauladamsmith CC 2190712270_b57a62e511_b Pi pie  by pauladamsmith CC 2190712270_b57a62e511_b

National Pi Day!

On March 14th we celebrate Pi, a mathematical concept and a number that never ends — at least no one has found the end yet. Often, we round this number…

03/14/18 at 01:27 AM

guy in hoodie Ftr iStock_000086456087_Large guy in hoodie Ftr iStock_000086456087_Large

Scarred for Life

Steven James

For as long as I could remember I’d been asking God, “Why?” The day I met Brad, I finally heard an answer: Sometimes God uses our wounds to…

03/13/18 at 11:40 AM

Elizabeth Roberts Ftr Elizabeth Roberts Ftr

Elizabeth Roberts

Teen Advisory Board Member

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy writing devotionals or any faith-based related material, listening to…

03/13/18 at 08:00 AM


Veronica Paver, 17

I wake up to another painful day.
I hear yelling and screaming, and I want to fade away.
I crawl out of the place where I feel safe—my bed,
as deceiving voices…

03/12/18 at 11:46 AM

depressed guy2 TSP 179273826 depressed guy2 TSP 179273826

Invisible Wounds, Visible Healing

Jim Still-Pepper

What do you see inside an empty bottle? Nothing—I mean, it’s empty, isn’t it? Though we do not see anything in an empty bottle, the bottle is full…

03/12/18 at 07:58 AM

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