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devozine Reflective Guy FTR TS 80467216 devozine Reflective Guy FTR TS 80467216

Prayer: The Secret of Life

Sally Chambers

When asked, “What is the secret of life?” Mother Teresa answered,…

devozine Prayer TS 95927567 devozine Prayer TS 95927567

Post a Prayer

Take a moment today to pray for those who are struggling with pain they have hidden inside.

02/23/17 at 07:27 PM

A Prayer of Hope

Do you or does someone you love suffer from depression? Pray Psalm 25:16-18 as a prayer of healing and hope:

“I am lonely and troubled.
Show that you care
and have pity…

02/23/17 at 11:47 AM

devozine Lenten Cross devozine Lenten Cross

Lent 101

Penny Ford

Lent is a season of the Christian Year where Christians focus on simple living, prayer, and fasting in order to grow closer to God.

When is Lent?

It’s the…

02/23/17 at 04:54 AM

bully prayer devozine923FINAL bully prayer devozine923FINAL

Say a Prayer

 Then become part of the answer.

02/22/17 at 04:31 PM

devozine In the Habit BW logo devozine In the Habit BW logo


Youth Workers, use this session to encourage young people to practice cultivating one fruit of the Spirit in their lives during the season of Lent.

02/22/17 at 10:33 AM

Tears2 TSP 101081000 Tears2 TSP 101081000

A Prayer of Tears

Sometimes, life overwhelms me and all I can do is cry. At that point, my heart is so heavy that I can’t even think how to begin a prayer…

02/22/17 at 07:57 AM

Musical Prayers

Kristin Camiolo & Steven Wyble

"Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know."

Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV)

A while ago, I went through a tough time. I didn’t have anything nice to say to God. Prayer was impossible, and I felt lost and empty. Then I heard…

02/21/17 at 03:26 PM

Early morning walk Ftr TS 142397968 Early morning walk Ftr TS 142397968

Walking My Prayers

Richard Lawton

I have trouble sitting still to pray. My mind works better when my body is active. Every morning, I walk for an hour. For about forty-five minutes of that…

02/21/17 at 11:29 AM

sophia-bucud-ftr sophia-bucud-ftr

Sophia Bucud

Teen Advisory Board Member

What important life lesson have you learned recently?


02/21/17 at 08:03 AM


Veronica Paver, 17

I wake up to another painful day.
I hear yelling and screaming, and I want to fade away.
I crawl out of the place where I feel safe—my bed,
as deceiving voices…

02/20/17 at 04:36 PM

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