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Jul/Aug 2014

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Stapp Photo FTR Credit Jeremy Cowart Stapp Photo FTR Credit Jeremy Cowart

The Playlist of My Life

Lindsay Williams

Scott Stapp left home when he was 17 years old and went on to become the lead singer of Creed, one of the…


"I listen to "Stronger" by Mandisa whenever I'm having a bad day. The upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics can always make me feel better." - Mikaela, TAB Member ...

08/30/14 at 09:00 PM


God, give us music that inspires us to serve you. Amen.

08/30/14 at 07:15 PM

devozine Music in the grass TSP 83719859 devozine Music in the grass TSP 83719859

Power of Music

Alison Crowley

My music helps me through the rough times. If I’m feeling upset, I turn on…

08/30/14 at 02:24 PM


Watch "Your Love Never Fails" by Jesus Culture and remember that no matter what happens, Jesus will always love you.

08/30/14 at 01:01 PM


I love the song "Healing is in Your Hands" by Christy Nockels. It reminds me that Jesus is greater than any pain we are going through and nothing can...

08/30/14 at 10:15 AM

Slow Suicide video image Slow Suicide video image

“Slow Suicide”

Scott Stapp

This song, Proof of Life‘s first single, opens the story of Scott Stapp’s life at a chilling moment: his realization that for much of his adult life he had been negotiating…

08/30/14 at 09:50 AM


Who is your favorite Christian Artist? #devozine31pics #favoritechristianartist

08/30/14 at 07:25 AM


"Every song starts off as a poem and every poem holds a story. Listen carefully to the lyrics of a song and let the artist read you a story...

08/29/14 at 09:00 PM


In any season of the year, listen to your favorite Christmas music as you read the story of Jesus' birth in Luke 2:1-20.

08/29/14 at 04:20 PM

Symphony of Life

Melinda Williams

The music written as our lives by God
is sacred.
In the listening,
the signing,
the symphony of life,
we remember who we have always…

08/29/14 at 11:51 AM

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