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MarApr 2018

  • Lost
  • Extravagance
  • Hidden Pain
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Rebecca West-end of world FTR P1030475 Rebecca West-end of world FTR P1030475

God’s Glory

Rebecca West

I traveled to the end of the earth once—by accident really. In this corner of the world, the land narrows and comes to a…

devozine Worried Teen2 TSP 137273655 devozine Worried Teen2 TSP 137273655

Are You a People-Pleaser?

Do you try to make everyone else happy? Do you worry what people think of you? Will you do almost anything for the approval of others?

People-pleasing can put a…

04/23/18 at 11:36 AM

devozine Praying Teen TS 99091184 devozine Praying Teen TS 99091184

Pray for God’s World

The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

This week, offer prayers for the people of  Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

04/22/18 at 02:59 PM

devozine Inspiration Ftr TSP 71079651 devozine Inspiration Ftr TSP 71079651


Richard Lawton

Years ago, I was inspired by a young man. He never owned a car. He never went to a movie. I’m not aware that he ever went to…

04/22/18 at 01:38 PM

Schindlers List Title Schindlers List Title

Schlindler’s List

Jackie M. Johnson & Michelle Wooley, 18

I came to a deeper understanding of redemption by watching Schindler’s List. The film is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, a German businessman, who paid to…

04/21/18 at 01:48 PM


I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.

Philippians 4:12b (NIV)

Last year, I was able to go to Nicaragua on my first mission trip. When we arrived in the village where…

04/21/18 at 09:14 AM

devozine, Cross with Sun devozine, Cross with Sun

The Gift of My Enemy

Gerrit Scott Dawson

I like to think about my enemies—about how stupid they are, about how I could slice them and dice them with my wit, about why I’m completely right and…

04/20/18 at 11:42 AM

Austin Smith Ftr Austin Smith Ftr

Austin Smith

Wants YOU to Apply for TAB!

“I enjoy being able to be part of devozine, which is sent all over the world and guides people day by…

04/20/18 at 07:57 AM

Early morning walk Ftr TS 142397968 Early morning walk Ftr TS 142397968

Walking My Prayers

Richard Lawton

I have trouble sitting still to pray. My mind works better when my body is active. Every morning, I walk for an hour. For about forty-five minutes of that…

04/19/18 at 11:39 AM

Robin-breakwater IMG_3921 Ftr Robin-breakwater IMG_3921 Ftr


Robin Gericke, 17

While traveling in Maine, my family stopped to see a lighthouse; but what grabbed our attention was the…

04/18/18 at 11:46 AM

house house

God’s Joy

Nathan Mazzuca

I built a tree house, which is pretty amazing, I must say. I can climb in it; my sons enter it and transform into Iron Man and Batman, and…

04/18/18 at 07:59 AM

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